Bar & Kitchen

Welcome to Bar Kitchen the House. We want you to feel truly at home here. As hospitality is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we have something delicious for everyone on our menu. And that’s why we don’t compromise on quality. Because when we do something, we do it well.

We grill our meat, fish and even some of our deserts on the best grill ever, the Josper. We are beyond proud of La Marzacco, with which we make coffee like you can’t taste anywhere in the neighbourhood. And of course our pizzas come fresh out of our massive wood-fired oven.

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You are always welcome, from nine in the morning till late at night. In your suit, dress or jeans, with polished shoes or sneakers, relaxed on the weekend or straight from work: we are delighted to see you.

For breakfast with a coffee that fully awakens you. For lunch with bread made in our wood-fired oven with whatever you like on it. For drinks with a platter of cold cuts or grilled gambas. For a serious steak, salt-baked fish or a pizza with truffle salami. Or for that late-night cocktail to close your evening.

With your wife, boyfriend or 20 friends. With your kids, whether they can hold a fork and knife or not. With your parents, your sisters or family from abroad. With your colleagues, your boss, or your neighbours. Or just for a quiet moment by yourself.

We hold our door wide open for you.

Welcome home.

Özer Dönmez